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FOREST OWNERS Transparent processes for rewarding of GHG removal performance

1. Collection of existing facts/data, elaboration of an initial feasibility study

2. Formulation of further goals of sustainable forest management:

- Which forest-side measures, which certificates are suitable for their project?

- What are the consequences of such approaches for your operation?

- How can already existing measures and approaches be integrated?

-  Which silvicultural measures will make your forest fit for the future?

- What are the costs and what are the revenues?

Through our client-oriented approach, you will find out, within a manageable financial framework, which possibilities and prospects are at hand for your project and promise success. The aim is to provide a clear statement on the current climate protection performance of your forest and on the possibilities and scope for increasing it.

3. Certification and marketing by WALDZERTIFIKATE INT. GmbH according to the implemented silvicultural measures and the resulting GHG removal performance and focus on marketable and creditable certificates (preferably VCS Verra, WWF Gold Standard).

These are internationally recognised and will retain their value in the future. We identify the most promising buyers/issuers of their certificates and their best possible sale.  

CO2 CAUSES AND EMITTERS  - as demanders for their sink services 

WALDZERTIFIKATE INT. GmbH sees itself as a specialised service provider at the intersection between forest owners and GHG emitters in emissions trading. For the latter, we only broker marketable and creditable certificates that reflect a true GHG removal performance.


The focus is always on the individual requirements and preconditions of the companies and private individuals who demand carbon credits. For this purpose, we are happy to arrange certificates from our own projects or domestic forests, but of course we also look after your interest in external certificates, for your own and international projects.

Please contact us! We will be happy to work with you on solutions for your company and

your forest.

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