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Project support and implementation

In the Limpopo province on the border with Zimbabwe WALDZERTIFIKATE INT. GmbH develops a protected area (up to 110,000 ha) designed to protect the native Lowveld dry forest of Mopane and rare Baobab trees from illegal logging and poaching.

Together with the local farming community damage caused by years of overgrazing should be reduced through sustainable forest conversion, alternatives to the current land-use and firewood should be developed. Social projects including possible new sources of income for the local, marginalized population groups should be implemented.

Through an extensive catalog of measurements this highly threatened ecosystem can be protected in the long term and returned to its original state in conjunction with the generation of marketable certificates.

The planned project duration should be 30 years.


Project development and implementation

WALDZERTIFIKATE INT. GmbH cooperates in several provinces of Vietnam with both private and state forest owners and investors. Suitable forest areas should be identified and promoted for CO2 certification for the international market with regard to sustainable forest conversion and reforestation.

WALDZERTIFIKATE INT. GmbH is currently working on pilot areas of around 40,000ha; the medium-term project scope will be several 100,000ha, including mangrove forests that are particularly worthy of protection.

There is a strong interest on the Vietnamese side in developing existing forest areas in the interests of climate protection measures. Through close exchange with the state forestry authorities and related structures WALDZERTIFIKATE INT. GmbH can draw on extensive data material and pass on recom-mendations for suitable measures in accordance with the international requirements for certification to its customers.

Long-term project durations of 50 years are also being sought in Vietnam.

Arcadian Forest USA_edited.jpg

Project support and implementation

In the northeast of the USA, WALDZERTIFIKATE INT. GmbH supports an investor project (2,000 ha) to generate marketable certificates.

The aim of the measures is to change the management of relatively short rotation times due to a previous orientation for the pulp industry towards the development of diversified stocks that produce valuable wood with significantly longer rotation times.


As a result, an additionality of around 3 tCO₂e per hectare and year is expected on the forest side alone (initially without taking the substitution effect into account).

The project duration is 30 years.

dry forest Caprivi_edited_edited.jpg

Project development

In the northern-east part of Namibia WALDZERTIFIKATE INT. GmbH develops a project to improve the protection of dry forests and thus actively prevent impending deforestation.

This project aims to finance the protection and preservation of community forests through the generation of carbon certificates. These certificates are intended to actively contribute to the protection of a highly sensitive ecosystem, as well as to increasing the income of the communities involved and other SDGs.

After the pilot phase the project is to be expanded to cover several 100,000 hectares of forest area.

The expected additionality is around 1 tCO₂e per hectare per year.

The project duration is planned for 50 years.

Thuringian Forest.jpg

Project development and implementation

Dr. forest. Joachim Krug, CEO of WALDZERTIFIKATE INT. GmbH, has been appointed as the responsible co-CEO of CDR-Services Deutschland GmbH, a subsidiary of SCHWEIZERISCHE POST AG, since the beginning of 2024.

The acquisition of the second largest private forest in Thuringia by SCHWEIZERISCHE POST AG is an important step towards the desired climate neutrality and a further proof of trust in the possibilities and sustainable forest conversion here in Germany.

CDR-Services Deutschland GmbH wants to significantly increase the climate protection performance of this forest on almost 2500ha through improved climate adaptation and modified management goals.

The project duration is very long-term at 100 years.

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Mediation and advice on the purchase of forest land

WALDZERTIFIKATE INT. GmbH makes its extensive international expertise in sustainable forest management available to both private individuals and investors in mediation, advice and the active search for suitable forest areas.

WALDZERTIFIKATE INT. GmbH can benefit from its long-standing collaboration with partners in Germany as well as in Scandinavia, the Baltic Republics and Canada.

In Nova Scotia this has led to a cooperation through which increased climate protection services were achieved on approximately 6000 hectares of forest area through improved forestry measures. These are offered as internationally marketable certificates.


Project development and implementation

In the eastern Harz WALDZERTIFIKATE INT. GmbH supports CO2-optimised forest management in its own areas (500 ha) which also has clearly positive ecological consequences in the course of a promising forest conversion.


To finance the measures through marketable certificates, we expect an additionality of up to

2 tCO₂e per hectare and year (for the time being without taking into account the substitution effect).

The project duration is 30 years.


Project development and implementation

In Brandenburg, WALDZERTIFIKATE INT. GmbH supports private forest owners in the certification of predominantly pine forests on about 2,500 ha.


The focus is on changing forest management to produce high-quality and durable wood products. As a result, on the forest side alone (for the time being without taking into account the substitution effect) an additionallity of approx. 3 tCO₂e per hectare and year is expected.

The project duration is 30 years.

Ursener Tal_edited.jpg

Project development and implementation

The Ursern Forest and Climate Association commissioned go-climate in collaboration with WALDZERTIFIKATE INT. GmbH to develope the reforestation in the Ursern Valley as a climate protection project and have it independently certified.


A particular challenge here are various project areas at altitudes of up to 1800m above sea level which should be reforested in accordance with the ISO14064-2 guidelines for a sustainable Mountain forests.


The four tree species spruce, larch, silver fir and maple are newly planted for this purpose. Their average growth of 4.6 m3/ha/a is expected on this test area.

The project duration is very long-term at 70 years.

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