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WALDZERTIFIKATE INT. GmbH - scientifically and internationally experienced service provider for forest owners, forest enterprises and forest investors.

Have your forest certified with the help of WALDZERTIFIKATE INT. GmbH in accordance with the internationally recognised requirements and thus become part of the international CO2 emissions trading!

WALDZERTIFIKATE INT. GmbH supports the certification of measure-based services of forest owners, which permanently remove a certain amount of CO2 from the atmosphere, so that these can be legitimately rewarded on the (in some countries voluntary) market - and this according to the requirements of the international emissions trading scheme (EHS). The certificates created are considered so-called "contribution claims" which, with the help of emissions trading, help to achieve private or corporate climate protection goals for CO2 emitters. Moreover, officially recognised certification can as well support the goals of nationally determined contributions (NDCs).

For this purpose, WALDZERTIFIKATE INT. GmbH offers transparent structures through which forest owners and forest projects can be certified, preferably via Verra (VCS) or the WWF Gold Standard, and marketed internationally via WALDZERTIFIKATE INT. GmbH. These recognised VCUs have already been traded internationally for some time. WALDZERTIFIKATE INT. GmbH orientates itself to these as well as internationally to the certificates and procedures recognised by the UNFCCC or the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA).

WALDZERTIFIKATE INT. GmbH strives to be in line with the German Emissions Trading Scheme (nEHS), whereby all certificates are officially recognised as compensation or true reduction measures and are also internationally tradable.

The aim of WALDZERTIFIKATE INT. GmbH is to promote ecosystem services from sustainable forest management - at best in the continuous forest scheme - to reward them accordingly and to strengthen the climate protection performance of forest management.


Any (project-related) measure that leads to an enhanced climate protection effect of a forest is to be welcomed, insofar as special attention is paid to additionality, permanence and possible displacement (leakage) effects.

Every actor that financially supports such measures makes an additional and positive contribution towards climate protection - possibly at least to the extent of its own emissions.


By definition, WALDZERTIFIKATE INT. GmbH cannot convey "climate neutrality" - rather, we support our partners in making as large a contribution as possible to increased climate protection through the impetus of the calculated compensation of their own emissions. And we do this by strengthening the climate protection performance of the forests.


WALDZERTIFIKATE INT. GmbH maintains close contact and exchange with official bodies, NGO partners and the scientific community in order to safeguard our work and to be able to shape the goals of our customers in a sustainable manner.

We will be happy to help you with detailed information. Talk to us! 

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