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- the value of carbon removal solutions -

In addition to the diverse ecosystem services provided by our forests, carbon removal by CO2 sequestration, the so-called sink or GHG (Green House Gas) removal performance of the forest as a natural and most important sink, is becoming increasingly important. Sustainable management of forest ecosystems supports and promotes their photosynthetic performance: the conversion of nutrients, water and (greenhouse) gases into biomass. Against the background of climate change, our forests make an invaluable contribution to the reduction and removal of greenhouse gases.

Strengthening these so far non-remunerated services is essential in the fight against climate change. Since the adoption of the climate protection laws of the EU and Germany during the summer of 2021, they have been a fundamental cornerstone of the agreed climate neutrality.

However, true climate neutrality, which has been set for 2045 at the latest, will not be achievable without compensation of so far unavoidable emissions. Such compensation can only be provided by the sinks of natural ecosystems, first and foremost forests. In addition, the so-called “pollution rights”, the EU-allocated certificates, are becoming increasingly limited and more expensive. From 2032 onwards, no “free pollution right certificates” will be available any more.


In consequence, in London’s futures trading, the price has risen in the past two years from under 10 to over € 90 /tCO2e (December 2021). In this respect, the value of your forest's GHG removal capacity is also rising - and is expected to continue to rise in the future!

Sunset in the Forest

- Competency - 

The aim of WALDZERTIFIKATE INT. GmbH is to create and market trustworthy and verified certificates to compensate for unavoidable emissions. For forest owners, this creates a financial incentive that supports and increases the GHG removal performance of sustainably managed forests as a natural based solution, and even makes it financially viable for forest owners.

Of central importance here is the "credibility" of the GHG removal performance:

Only if it complies with international standards and recognised certificates it will be able to market it in the future or - currently supported by the results of COP26 - use it for recognised offsetting.


Through our experience as a scientific advisor in the German delegation to the climate negotiations and also as a recognised expert in this regard by TÜV Nord Cert

- the only official institution (VVB) in Central Europe that is accredited to audit international certificates - we are in the position to provide trustworthy expert support.

By the support of WALDZERTIFIKATE INT. GmbH, forest owners increase the GHG removal performance of their natural resources, receive increasing rewards and strengthen their forest for the expected future challenges.



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